Quality beef. No Hormones. No Digestive aids. All Natural.


3587 Steely Chapel Rd. Elk Creek, MO (417) 254-0035 Charlie@elkcreekfarms



Welcome to Elk Creek Farms.  

We produce Top Dollar Beef.  We are a small farm in the Ozarks using bulls from the Top Dollar Beef program.  We have some registered cattle and other good mama cows as well.  

Calves may be available for sale, please contact us if you are interested in quality, all-natural beef.

About Us

Small family-owned farm in the Ozarks


A small farm means that we know each of our cows and their performance.  All the calves are handled and evaluated to assure that we produce the best beef.

Focus on Red Angus


Our herd is primarily Red Angus which is known for its excellent quality.  We have registered and non-registered animals.  Our bulls are chosen for their EPD traits and monitored for performance.